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HyperTeam's Solution for Collier County Public Utilities Department

Collier County Public Utilities Department serves more than 350,000 people – or more than 600,000 people in season – in one of the larger counties of the Southeast United States. Engineering & Project Management Division (EPMD) handles 183 programs including over 500 projects within the Collier County Public Utilities Department. EPMD’s mission is to be able to deliver on-time, on-budget, and best cost-benefit value projects that meet and exceed the expectations of the county’s water and wastewater clients.

What we implemented:

  • Developed a HyperTeam Digital Workplace based on SharePoint 2016 infrastructure to act as a homepage for the users to track and manage projects, collaborate and read news.

  • Implemented Project Approval System, Project Management Platform and Reporting System. The softwares are SharePoint 2016 based infrastructures. Great tools to manage complex programs and systems.

  • Cityworks GIS system connected with HyperTeam PM Toolbox

Click here to check our Collier County Case Study.

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