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Contract Manager


Our automated Contract Approval solution allows organizations, big and small, to manage their contracts from creation and document assembly all the way through approval, reviews and signature. Our solution reduces the need for resources, increases contract security, and ensures that every step of the process is recorded and easy to track. HyperTeam’s contract manager provides a complete solution for the entire lifecycle of your contracts.

Key features of the solution:

  • Easily monitor contract performance

  • Keep up with key milestones and obligations

  • Setup and manage renewals, cancellations and expirations

  • Improve contract approval cycle times

  • Boost collaboration with customers and/or vendors

  • Track revenue, spend and analyze financial information

  • Integrate CRM and ERP systems for more comprehensive reporting and analytics

  • View full statistical report of the contracts managed by the system

  • Qucikly see the process' status with the built-in flowsheet

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or give us a call at  1 (786) 600-7179
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