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HyperTeam TimeSheet

Our Timesheet solution is an affordable way to track and manage your and your collegaues' working hours and vacation time in a user-friendly display.

timesheet software printscreen
Add Event page Projct manaement solution

Main functions:

  • In the calendar you can change the length of your worktime by moving the slider, without editing the form

  • You can set not only worktime, but also absence plan and fact data

  • Absence-approval function

  • Daily, weekly, monthly worktime reports in Excel format

HyperTeam Ticketing

Searching for a better way to overcome work obstacles? 

laptop Tickting Software Screenshot

Main functions:

  • Simple, easy to use interface

  • Generate new tickets with one simple click

  • Attach screenshots, documents, or comments to tickets for clarification

  • Mark tickets as urgent for immediate assistance

  • Assign manager and requestor to each ticket

  • Tickets are categorized by status and easily tacked and managed

Hoping to improve your customer service and more efficiently manage customer complaints?

Well, look no further! HyperTeam’s Ticketing system is designed to help employees hurdle those pesky work obstacles and deliver superior customer support! 

HyperTeam Expense Tracking

In business, as in life, failing to manage your expenses is bad news!


That’s why HyperTeam created a reliable, easy to use expense tracking app that finally takes the hassle out of budgeting. And the best part is that it’s affordable, so managing your expenses doesn’t have to mean blowing your IT budget!

Expense Tracing software screenshot

Main functions:

  • Plan the project’s total budget for one year or one quarter

  • Categorize expenses by type and define a budget for each

  • Record and track your expenses with ease as your project develops

  • The percentage spent is automatically calculated for the overall project and each category

  • Receive real time alerts when overspending occurs

  • Manage, track, or approve expenses anywhere, anytime on your tablet or mobile device

HyperTeam Phonebook

Tired of searching for your colleagues' phone numbers and business cards in your office? 

Are you looking for an easy way to contact all your colleagues with one simple click? HyperTeam's Phonebook app is the best solution for you!

tablet software screenshot

Main functions:

  • Find contacts quickly with the easy to use search bar

  • The search engine is looking in all contact details

  • Instantly send emails with one click on the email address

  • Instantly make calls with one click on the phone or mobile number

  • Administrators can add, edit, or delete profiles

  • Contact information can be loaded from SharePoint Profiles

Have a question? Email us at 

or give us a call at  1 (786) 600-7179

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