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HyperTeam Intranet

Cut back on e-mails and meetings

By combining the power of cloud, mobile and social technology, HyperTeam’s intranet portals deliver a single source of company information within a fun, collaborative environment!


Why Should You Choose HyperTeam’s Social Intranet?


To Engage Your Employees

• Keep everyone in the loop with the homepage event calendar

• Publicize company discounts

• Generate campaigns to get employees involved

• Deliver new and exciting information each day with the company newsfeed

• Recognize your “Employee of the Month”

To Make Your Data Easily Accessible

• Store all company data in one central location

• End dispersed knowledge, duplicated files, and excessive reliance on email

• Quickly find information with the powerful searching  capabilities and filtering

• Enjoy the video gallery complete with a voting function


To Boost Collaboration

• Easily record and share information company-wide with the user-friendly interface

• Quickly find co-workers with the interactive employee directory

• Work anywhere, anytime

To Involve All Departments in the Information Flow

• Give each department a customized subpage

• Increase departmental collaboration

• Highlight each department’s unique personality with customized homepage news

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To Assure a Strong ROI

• Reduce data overload for faster decision making

• Easily scale the portal as your company grows

• Save time and company resources

• Keep your information safe with the flexible permission handling and enterprise grade security

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