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Our Mission

HyperTeam wants to help organizations improve performance in areas like sales, project/order management, HR, & customer service.


HyperTeam is a Hungarian IT and business consulting firm with fifteen years of experience in enterprise level consulting and software development.


As Microsoft, SharePoint and Office 365 experts with 50,000 international users, we decided it was time to expand to the US market and we opened an office in Naples, Florida in 2014. Here in the US, HyperTeam is focused on bringing our consulting experience and technology knowhow to the many small and medium sized businesses looking to improve their overall efficiency.


With our applications, organizations from a wide variety of industries (e.g. the construction, healthcare, and financial service industries) can speed up their business processes, eliminate paper based administration, and boost collaboration company-wide.


HyperTeam’s solutions are a noteworthy development in the business world because, although technology has improved dramatically over the years, many of today’s businesses are still relying heavily on emails, phone calls, and very few isolated IT systems. That means their processes are often frustrating, tedious, and inefficient. However, with HyperTeam’s cloud based software solutions, companies can now affordably utilize the latest technologies to automate their business processes and thus become more efficient, profitable, and competitive.

Have a question? Email us at 
or give us a call at  1 (786) 600-7179
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