Why is it essential? 


In business, we all strive for growth!

That means we work hard to acquire more contacts, close more deals, hire more employees, and develop more products.


Growth is good!

But a growing business is also a challenging business because as you grow so does the amount of data that needs to be connected, organized, and distributed to a large number of people in a variety of departments.


Contacts that could have been opportunities are forgotten. Information gets lost. Miscommunication happens. Processes slow down. Customers and employees get frustrated.

Access your information anywhere, anytime in the cloud

Document attachment

Put an end to lost documents by effortlessly attaching them to clients, opportunities, events, etc.

Outlook integration

Store and organize your emails in the HyperTeam CRM by adding them directly from your Outlook account.

Collaborative work environment

Boost collaboration and avoid miscommunication by quickly assigning tasks and subtasks directly from the system.

Connect sales, marketing

and customer service

Effortlessly engage existing and potential clients.

  • Create marketing campaigns that captivate your audience and generate new business. 

  • Make newsletters a hassle-free experience by sending them directly from the system.

  • Organize company events, keep a detailed history of who attends each event, track outside events that your company attends, and easily view which events generate the most leads and new customers.

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