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Board Meeting Solution

Our Board Meeting Solution saves companies time and money by providing a hassle-free way to schedule and organize meetings, to eliminate expensive and time-consuming paper based documentation, and to store meeting documents and files for years after their inception.

Schedule and Organize Meetings with Ease

  • Easily request, prioritize, and attach documents to meeting proposals with one simple form

  • Proposals can be made public, not public, or strictly confidential

  • Scheduled or virtual meetings are recorded in the system

  • Board members and managers receive alerts to accept or deny meeting proposals

  • Additional information or changes to proposals can be requested by supervisors before accepting

  • System tracks the status of proposals and the latest versions of its documents

  • Agendas are automatically generated before meetings so that participants can view them ahead of time 

  • Permanent meeting members can be registered in advance

  • Meeting invites are automatically sent to meeting participants

  • Compatible with mobile devices and tablets 

Effortlessly Run Meetings from Beginning to End 

  • System eliminates paper with electronic copies of documents for all participants

  • During meetings the system automatically displays the topic being discussed

  • Participants can track meeting progress from other locations (this allows participants to enter meetings when their proposal is being discussed)

  • Minutes are recorded in real time and outcomes can be recorded for each point of the agenda

  • At the end of meetings a formal word document is generated containing the minutes

  • System can schedule and record tasks in connection with proposal outcomes 

Manage Meeting Outcomes & Store Meeting Documents for Years to Come 

  • Minutes are promptly emailed to all participants after the meeting

  • Signed minutes can be attached

  • Tasks can be recorded as being “done” by responsible parties

  • Documents and meeting files are stored in SharePoint  for their whole lifetime and easily searchable

  • Extensive reports can be generated with ease 

  • Labeling function ensures that documents are controlled or evaluated by a manager from time to time

  • If a virtual meeting’s agenda is accepted then it automaticallys become part of the physically circulated documents

Are you interested in HyperTeam's

SharePoint based

Board Meeting Solution?

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