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Compaint Handling Solution

Tailored to your needs...

Here at HyperTeam, we believe the customer is #1! That’s why we decided to create a SharePoint Solution that helps our customers deliver the best possible service to theirs! To do this, we chose to focus on one of the most important aspects of quality management: complaint management.


This led us to our Complaint Handling Solution, a customizable SharePoint application that documents, tracks, and handles customer complaints with ease!


  • All complaints are quickly and easily documented/audited

  • All communication with clients is recorded

  • Complaints are easily tracked for complete visibility

  • Allows for quick and easy follow up with customers

  • Workflow support (opinions, approval of documents, etc.)

  • Full range of document management

  • Document versioning

  • Secure access control

  • Timeliness reporting (overdue, duration of complaints, etc.)

  • Delegation of tasks

  •  Allows employees to track their work tasks

Key Benefits 

Check out our latest video on

The Complaint Handling Solution 

Are you interested in HyperTeam's fully customizable SharePoint based Compaint Handling Solution?

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