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HyperTeam's Solution

for Collier County Public Utilities Department

HyperTeam implemented the new highly functional digital workplace system for Collier County's Engineering & Project Management Division (EPMD).

About Collier County PUD

Collier County Public Utilities Department serves more than 350,000 people – or more than 600,000 people in season – in one of the larger counties of the Southeast United States. Engineering & Project Management Division (EPMD) handles 183 programs including over 500 projects within the Collier County Public Utilities Department. EPMD’s mission is to be able to deliver on-time, on-budget, and best cost-benefit value projects that meet and exceed the expectations of the county’s water and wastewater clients.

Selection Criteria


User Friendly


Current + comprehensive expertise


Optimized Functions for Project Management


Hassle-free customization



SIRE Workflow replacement

PUD Management have the ability to manage, track and report projects and expenses

Efficient Vendor management

Continuously updated project reporting

Project-related automated form and document management

Simple, user-friendly and highly functional, connected modules

Centralized database for users, projects, tasks, assets, etc.

Our Solution

We have built a highly functional cloud-based solution with a browser-based interface, included the following, fully integrated modules:

Digital workplace icon.png

Digital Workplace


Project Approval System


Project Management Platform


Project Reporting Engine

Our team developed a Digital Workplace based on SharePoint 2016 infrastructure to act as a homepage for the users to track and manage projects, collaborate and read news.

EPMD Homepage.png

We have connected three complementary modules to the digital workplace. We call them Project Approval System, Project Management Platform and Project Reporting Engine. All these softwares are based on the SharePoint infrastructure.


The Project Approval System offers an efficient way to create and set up project forms.

At the Project Management Platform users can handle the workflows within a chosen projects.

Through all these processes the Project Reporting Engine collects every data for the final reports, given and extremely detailed documentation about the project.

The three software modules were developed and customized from one of HyperTeam’s core product called PM Toolbox.

Learn more about the software by click to the button.

Cityworks GIS system connected with HyperTeam PM Toolbox.

Képernyőfotó 2021-07-15 - 8.47.00.png
EPMD active projects.jpg

The Value

of our Solution


Users can work in a cloud-based integrated solution during the whole process.


Work efficiency will highly increase due to the ability of quick and organized project documentation.


Project Managers can coordinate the projects more easily and save time for improved effectiveness.


Aggregating the goals and achievements in reports and dashboard views. Reporting time reduced to a few minutes from the several days.


Workflow system that sends approved projects automatically to the Project Management Platform.

Sofwares used

Our developers have built the Azure, SharePoint 2016 and AngularJS to develop EPMD's system.


Case Study in PDF

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Estudo de caso

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