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SharePoint Applications

for Small Business

HyperTeam is the answer for small to medium sized enterprises frustrated with their current software choices.

They want and need business solutions, but their options all seem limited to pricey, complex, or insufficient applications.

HyperTeam heard their frustrations and decided to do something about it. We took our extensive experience consulting and developing for large enterprises and we created an ecosystem dedicated entirely to the needs of SMEs.


With the HyperTeam ecosystem, SMEs can now employ comprehensive cloud and SharePoint based solutions that are easy to use, simple to implement, and flexible enough to scale with them as they grow. Finally, SMEs have choice!

Projct Management Solution

Project Management Solution

Easy to use, cost-effective project management solutions.

It helps businesses efficiently plan, track, and manage their projects.

Key Functions

For Executives

  • Dashboard view of all project statuses in real-time

  • Project notifications and alerts (deadlines, budgets)

  • Review of all company resources

  • Strong user permission

For Project Managers

  • Tracking and monitoring of projects and expenses

  • Review of employees, activities, and costs one by oneor on a project level

  • Delegation of project tasks to team members

  • Management of resources for current and future projects

For Project Members

  • Access to personal work plans and tasks

  • User-friendly timesheet

  • Central location for all project information

  • Powerful searching capacity

HyperTeam's CRM

Do less to sell more with HyperTeam’s affordable, easy to use cloud based CRM!

Key Benefits

  • Organize and optimize your sales process

  • Access your information anywhere, anytime in the cloud

  • Increase sales revenue

  • Boost lead conversions

  • Retain more customers

  • Efficiently engage new customers

  • Effortlessly build deeper and more meaningful relationships with clients

  • Stop potential and existing customers from slipping through the cracks

  • Strengthen the connection between sales, marketing, and customer service

  • Encourage and nurture a collaborative work environment  

  • Consolidate information for a complete snapshot of each client, account, lead, and opportunity

  • Gain valuable business intelligence in real time


Time Sheet Basic Solution

Customizable and user-friendly solution for reporting and tracking work hours.

Key Functions

  • Settings are easily configured to your specifications

  • Employees report working hours and breaks with one click

  • Supervisors can track and manage employee hours

  • Easily generates important forms and documents (attendance lists, etc.)

  • Creates weekly and monthly work summary reports

  • Helps supervisors manage overtime, replacements, and temporary employees

  • Provides a stable operation even for a large number of users 


Absence and Leave

Management Solution

Automated, user-friendly solution that replaces time-consuming paper or Excel based leave and presence.

Key Functions

  • Settings are easily configured to your specifications

  • Time off is planned in advance and requested in seconds

  • Supervisors approve or deny leave requests and attendance sheets in real time. Employees, HR, Accounting are updated about approvals and denials via email

  • Supervisors receive alerts about pending approvals and requests

  • Easily generates important forms and documents (attendance lists, etc.)

  • Creates extensive and variable reports

  • Aids supervisors in managing overtime, replacements, and temporary employees

  • Provides a stable operation even for a large number of users

Absence + Leave Management

Phonebook Application

Keep the contact information organized and secure.

Add, search and communicate with your business contacts with one simple click!

Key Functions

  • Find contacts quickly with the easy to use search bar

  • Search contacts with a variety of attributes (Name, Company, Title, etc.)

  • Easily filter results to perform advanced searches

  • Contact cards summarize important contact information

  • Click on contact cards to view more detailed information about your contacts 

  • Instantly send emails with one click on the email address 

  • Instantly make calls with one click on the phone or mobile number

  • Administrators can add, edit, or delete profiles

  • Contact information can be loaded from SharePoint Profiles

  • Contacts can be quickly exported to Excel

  • Tablet and mobile friendly


Ticketing Solution

Improve your customer service with centralizing all tickets and ticketing needs.

Key Benefits


  • The solution gives employees a better way to

    • send

    • track

    • manage their work tickets.


  • Ticketing App provides your customers with the opportunity to submit complaints

  • Or cases directly to the system.

  • Faster service, happier customers, and quieter phone lines!

Key Functions

  • Generate new tickets with one click 

  • Attach screenshots, documents, or comments to tickets for clarification

  • Mark tickets as urgent for immediate assistance

  • Assign manager and requestor to each ticket

  • Tickets are categorized by status and easily tracked and managed

  • Quickly search for tickets using a variety of attributes (Title, Customer, Status, Name, etc.)

  • Receive prompt email notifications when ticket statuses are updated or a new ticket is added

  • Export tickets to Excel with ease   

  • Administrators are free to customize the system by adding new ticket statuses and personalizing the background lists


Are you interested in our solutions?

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