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Cloud Based Applications

For Large Enterprises

HyperTeam utilizes our extensive background in both business and IT to develop enterprise Cloud applications that solve the biggest issues faced by businesses today.

We specialize in helping companies improve performance in areas like sales, project/order management, HR, and customer service (just to name a few).


Because HyperTeam is composed of highly skilled developers and business professionals, we pride ourselves on being able to work with our clients from start to finish. That means our first step isn’t development, it’s consulting. During consultations, we take the time to understand each client’s wants and needs, their processes, and their greatest obstacles.


This hands on approach ensures that our highly trained developers can then customize a top-notch solution that fits their needs entirely.  Our custom solutions for large enterprises include personalized “out of the box” SharePoint based applications or large scale custom developments for companies struggling with unique challenges.


HyperTeam’s IT professionals are true SharePoint experts who work with customers from around the globe to develop custom SharePoint solutions, set up SharePoint environments, migrate SharePoint servers, and much more!



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