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4 Reasons why Virtual Reality (VR) is the Next Generation of Training Tools

In this article we have collected some simple but prominent aspects why you can benefit from Virtual Reality in education

1. More Real

When subjects feel presence in a VR experience, they feel like something is actually happening to them in real life, rather than simply observing.

2. More Memorable

Results showed that VR can performed twice as well as the 2D Video Learning in the memory recollection tests.

3. More Safe

During a VR experience, patients can be repeatedly exposed to a stressful stimulus in safe conditions.

4. Keeps the distracting element out

The more engagement and interactivity users experience, the less they are to feel the urge to check their phones or move on to the next distraction.

As Alejandro Dinsmore, the CEO of EEVO said:

„VR offers a large number of benefits for learning a variety of skills, making it not so much a question of whether to use virtual reality solutions, but when and how to use VR for training.”

If this short article caught your interest, you can read the full story here

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