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What is your profile?

consultant advisor

Are you providing various professional services and have an extensive network of corporate clients?

HyperTeam's productivity tools are the perfect suite of products to cross-sell for additional revenues streams.

reseller / distributor

Do you want to widen your product offering to up-sell and to generate a more profitable revenue model?


HyperTeam's Platform offers every Partner superior products that are highly demanded on the market, tested by 10s of thousands of satisfied and happy corporate users utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies. HyperTeam Partners can offer excellent value proposition to all their customers with exceptional return on investment.  

What the HyperTeam

Platform Partner Program offers

  • Cloud-based High-quality Fully Integrated Products   

  • Complete and Well-structured Training Programs and Certifications 

  • Providing 'Hand-holding' through the Partner's first few Sales-closings 

  • World-class Tier 1-2-3 Support provided based on specific Partner Program 

  • Above-Average Flex-Profit, Commission and Referrals based on corresponding Partner Programs 

  • Assisting with Marketing Materials and Evaluation of Segment-specific Marketing Campaigns 

Specific partner programs

Enterprise Partners

Enterprise Partners are experts in cloud computing and IT consulting that can private label or co-brand all HyperTeam Platform Products.

This type of partner receives all platform products at wholesale rates and can price it up as the market allows it. Furthermore, Enterprise Partners are supported on the Tier 3 level, however, they have to provide their own Tier 1-2 support. 

Business Partners

Business Partners are - usually vendors and distributors - resellers of the HyperTeam branded platform products. They have to furnish their own Tier 1 support, but Tier 2-3 support is provided by HyperTeam's expert IT specialists.


This type of partners' clients can sign up with the Business Partner and subscribe for various products. The Business Partner receives 15-35% commission based on product type sold.

Advisor Partners

Advisor Partners have extensive networks of corporate business relations through which these partners can popularize and offer the HyperTeam products.


Once the HyperTeam product is sold, the Advisor Partner receives a one-time referral fee which equals 15-25% of the annual contract's total value (customer has to sign at least a year-long contract).

All support is carried out by HyperTeam.

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