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TimeSheet Basic

Our The Time Sheet Basic is an affordable, user-friendly solution that finally makes reporting and managing work hours and vacation time a quick and easy task for employees AND supervisors!

Frustration #1

Reporting, tracking and managing work hours is a complex, inefficient, and burdensome process not only for HR, but also for company employees!

Frustration #2

The current paper or Excel based leave management systems are time-consuming, tedious, and confusing! 

Frustration #3

It’s difficult to obtain quick and easy access to relevant information company-wide.

The TimeSheet Basic


Our TimeSheet Basic is a customizable, user-friendly system that makes reporting, tracking, and managing employee hours a quick and easy task for everyone involved!


Employees can report working hours, breaks, and even work locations with one simple click!


HR can then instantly generate important forms and documents, create extensive reports, and quickly manage employee hours, overtime, and replacements with the same ease.

Employee Benefits:

  • Report working hours, breaks, and even work locations with one simple click

  • Plan time off in advance and request it in seconds

  • Receive faster updates from supervisors regarding requests for time off and work hour approvals

  • Stay organized with the user-friendly calendar (view by day, week, or month)

  • Access the system anywhere, anytime on your tablet or mobile device


Supervisor Benefits:

  • Hassle free way to track and manage employee hours and time off  

  • Receive timely alerts about pending requests and approvals

  • Approve or deny leave requests and work hours in real time: Employees, HR, and Accounting are updated via email

  • Quickly generate important forms and documents (attendance lists, etc.)

  • Easily create extensive and variable reports (CSV report, hours worked summary report, hours worked report)

  • Manage overtime, replacements, and temporary employees with ease

  • Easily configure settings to your specifications and even add new work locations to list

  • Operate within a stable environment, even with a large number of users  



Does your company have unique needs or customization requests for the Time Sheet Basic? No problem! Email us at for further assistance!

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