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Our way to handle Board Meeting reports

Every company has meetings. It's as essential for a team as breathing.

Usually it goes between a lot of members and possibly covers various topics so it can be difficult to keep count of all its important elements. Notes can become indecipherable and memories fade away.

For big companies it is fundamental to being able to efficently manage and report meetings. In a searchable and easy way.

HyperTeam's Board Meeting sofware may offer you the solution for such tasks.

The main objective of the system is to enable the organization of numerous meetings through a single interface. With this easy-to-learn platform you can​:

  • store agendas

  • easily follow-up on the tasks generated during the meeting

In addition, the system also supports document management in connection with variety of regular meetings (for example PIB-meetings).

  • Creating the preparation of electronic submissions (themes)

  • Schedule organizing

  • Recording the decisions made on proposals

  • The following-up of activities and reporting.

The operations of the following two types of board meetings are described in detail below.

1. Complex support of regular meetings This system supports the preparation and recording of continuous and consistent meetings (like PIB-meetings) on a single interface, allows for follow-ups, and the recording of the decisions made during the sessions. It also provides an opportunity to follow-up on related tasks pertaining to the issues/submissions, notifying affected colleagues, and document storage.

2. Simple support of ad-hoc meetings in the system

This system also supports the preparation and recoding of quickly convened, inconsistent, and irregular meetings that have various topics.

Learn more about the benefits of the system by watching our latest teaser video about our Borad Meeting software.

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