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HR Management Solutions

Our HR Management Solutions are designed to solve the most critical and frustrating issues facing HR professionals today.

Frustration #1

Reporting, tracking and managing work hours is a complex, inefficient, and burdensome process not only for HR, but also for company employees!

Frustration #2

The current paper or Excel based leave management systems are time-consuming, tedious, and confusing! 

Frustration #3

It’s difficult to obtain quick and easy access to relevant information company-wide.

Isn’t HR supposed to be inspiring collaboration, not frustration?

To solve these issues, HyperTeam has created our SharePoint HR Management Solutions. These solutions are affordable, easy to use, and Cloud based, so they require no IT resources whatsoever!

The TimeSheet Basic

Solution #1

Our TimeSheet Basic is a customizable, user-friendly system that makes reporting, tracking, and managing employee hours a quick and easy task for everyone involved!


Employees can report working hours, breaks, and even work locations with one simple click!


HR can then instantly generate important forms and documents, create extensive reports, and quickly manage employee hours, overtime, and replacements with the same ease.

Solution #2

The Leave Management Solution

Our Leave Management Solution is a simple, automated system that finally replaces the dreaded paper and Excel based leave management systems, while still fulfilling legal compliance requirements.


Employees can request time off in seconds, and even plan their time off in advance


Email notifications are then sent to supervisors, giving them a hassle-free way to approve or deny leave requests in real time.


The best part? Once a request has been approved or denied, the employee, HR, and Accounting are all updated automatically with a similar email notification. Leave management has never been simpler!

Solution #3

The Social Intranet

Our social intranet is a new and exciting employee portal that delivers instant access to company information and HR services, as well as a fun, interactive experience for all!


HyperTeam’s HR Management Solutions will help your HR department quickly retrieve and archive information, easily make important decision, significantly boost employee and departmental collaboration, and even SAVE MONEY!  



HR is the foundation on which strong companies are built, so invest in yours today!

Have a question? Email us at for further assistance!

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