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Virtual Collaboration, 

with User-friendly


Empower digital communication

The time is NOW!

Digital collaboration with the highest security level

Replace paper-based administration

Quickly and easily search for information 

Speed up processes and collaboration between departments or business partners

Employ document versioning (word, xls, ppt, etc.)

Reduce risk of missed information/documentation to the minimum

Document processes for all parties

Measure your processes (every process step is timestamped)

Keep information secure with the system's strong user permission

Our Core Products

Project Management


Here at HyperTeam, we see a lot of companies struggling to manage their small to medium sized projects.

They want and need a project management solution, but they can’t seem to find the right one. So they settle!


Do you strive for growth in your business?

If your answer definitely yes, you have to know our CRM system!

What is your profile?


Are you interested in our solutions?

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Our Clients

Industry Leaders Worldwide

Local Companies

Digital WorkPlace - Intranet

By combining the power of cloud, mobile, and social technology, HyperTeam’s intranet portals deliver a single source of company information within a fun, collaborative environment!

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