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Well, look no further! HyperTeam’s Ticketing system is designed to help employees hurdle those pesky work obstacles and deliver superior customer support! 

Searching for a better way to overcome work obstacles? 


Hoping to improve your customer service and more efficiently manage customer complaints?


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HyperTeam's Ticketing Solution

A help desk for customers and employees!

Intuitive SharePoint Based Interface

Create and submit tickets with ease

  • Generate new tickets with one simple click 

  • Attach screenshots, documents, or comments to tickets for clarification

  • Mark tickets as urgent for immediate assistance

  • Submit tickets in seconds

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Tickets are categorized by status and easily found

Softwre sceenshot

Effortlessly track and manage tickets right from your desk!

  • Receive prompt email notifications when ticket statuses are updated or new tickets are added


  • Export tickets to Excel with ease   


  • Make the system your own by adding new ticket statuses and personalizing the background lists

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Are you interested in trying our



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