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Why should you upgrade to SharePoint 2019?

The world of SharePoint is moving fast with cloud-based Online SharePoint and Office 365, but some companies are still not ready to move forward with fully transition to using Office 365 and SharePoint services online.

SharePoint provides a powerful enterprise collaboration platform with a number of ready-to-use features. With HyperTeam, companies can accelerate the development and implementation of their SharePoint system. Our team’s experience isn’t limited to boxed workflows - we’ve also created custom workflows that end users can configure in a variety of ways. We develop affordable, user-friendly applications that increase efficiency, speed up processes, improve collaboration, and reduce paper-based administration.

Our portfolio includes customization (creating simple and fast solutions by customizing SharePoint sites), custom software developments (SharePoint or related technologies, even in a cloud environment) and migration (versioning, data migration and feature migration Microsoft SharePoint 2003 / 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 and SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365)).

The transition is usually not an easy task, it requires careful planning and precise execution. We have a lot of experience in it, if you just need help with the transition, feel free to contact us at our contact details:

Thank you to those who have already chosen us:


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