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Transform your employee experience with digital workplace technologies

Today’s IT architects, business strategists, technology leaders, and other critical team members know about the digital workplace, the acceleration of digital transformation, and the impact on their IT infrastructure. Now, they need to know what can be done about it because the changes resulting from the digital workplace are here to stay. For example, Gartner found that 74% of CFOs intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently.

To make the most of workforce management, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and new advances in computer technology in business. Check out our case study to see an example of organizations replacing paper-based administration with digitized efficiency.

Customer Profile

Our Partner, Stampa Partners, is a swiss-based financial consultant company who are experts in delivering Enterprise Performance Management solutions for over 15 years by helping Chief Financial Officers plan, budget, consolidate, integrate accounting data sources, report and achieve international financial reporting standards compliance. HyperTeam and Stampa Partners has a strong partnership for more than a year.

  • User friendly, easy-to-use Leave and Absence Management solution with approval workflow

  • Replace paper-based administration with digitized efficiency

  • Ticketing

  • Multi-language interface

  • Task-management solution for over 50 users

  • Create learning experiences that are more effective than traditional learning methodologies as well as provide a faster but deeper acquisition of subject- area expertise.

  • Build inspection tools that can be used by novices as well as experts but providing a more effective way of running through inspection lists and identifying potential problem areas while documenting both.

HyperTeam's Solution
  • Developed a HyperTeam Digital Workplace based on SharePoint O365 infrastructure to act as a homepage for the members to track and manage communication, collaboration and tasks.

  • Implemented TimeSheet solution which helps the users to track and manage their PTO and working hours.

  • Implemented an Easy-to-search HyperTeam CRM solution which helps the users to share/export data, and manage their tickets in a user-friendly ticketing module.

Value of HyperTeam's Solution

  1. Leave and Absence management: This function is integrated with Task Management.

  2. Flexible group based Task Management: Easy to use Kanban solution for task management.

  3. Ticketing Reports

  4. Traceability: Stakeholders/sponsors have a better visibility of activities.

If you would like to learn more about the project, download the case study below.

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