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The Total Economic Impact Of Mixed Reality Using Microsoft HoloLens 2

The “roaring 2020s” have propelled the world into the future of work, and organizations must innovate or be left behind. A key driver for change has emerged in the upheaval: mixed reality, an immersive enabling technology that overlays 3D visualizations, instructions, and simulations on real-world environments to empower workers while providing them with full movement and autonomy. Mixed reality has graduated to the here and now and is successfully delivering critical value to organizations across sectors.

Quantified benefits:
  • Enhanced training efficiency for up to 1,000 annual trainees, saving $2.1 million in labor. Mixed reality increased training efficiency by 60%, saving $1,440 per trainee while improving knowledge acquisition and retention.

  • Increased task efficiency for 50 field workers, saving $1.3 million in labor. Mixed reality improved field task efficiency by 40% and reduced rework by 75%, saving $13,680 annually per field task worker.

  • Increased task efficiency for 120 onsite workers, saving $1.4 million in labor. Mixed reality increased task efficiency by 60% and reduced rework by 50%, saving $6,540 annually per onsite task worker.

  • Improved productivity and avoided travel for 15 specialized experts, saving $1.6 million in labor. Mixed reality increased expert work efficiency by 30% and prevented 75% of major trips, saving $58,512 in annual labor costs per specialized expert.

  • Avoided travel for experts and field workers, saving $1.1 million in travel and incidentals costs. Mixed reality reduced annual travel and incidentals costs by $31,500 for specialized experts and by $2,950 for field task workers.

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(See the full article here: Forrester)


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