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Rethink work to better support on-site, contingent and remote workers

COVID-19 has shattered the paradigm of in-office work

Remote work, once a consideration for many organizations but rarely a priority, has become a health and safety imperative. Even as organizations plan their recovery strategies, however, remote work will remain a cornerstone of the postpandemic future of work. This leaves HR leaders with a series of critical decisions to make around which parts of the workforce can work remotely, which should stay remote even after recovery, and how their organizations should navigate follow-on changes, such as facilitating collaboration and building relationships.

Rethink how and where work gets done

Organizations need a new framework, not to answer “How soon can our employees be back in the office?” but to answer, “What touchpoints in our organization require in-person interaction?” This includes a switch from assessing the suitability of roles to be performed remotely to assessing suitability of workflows to be completed remotely. Then, HR leaders must understand the supporting processes and technology needed to enable employees to flow seamlessly between on-site and remote working modes.

Insights you can use

Gartner research on hybrid workforce models, remote work, the gig economy and contingent works can help you decide how to best structure your organization for maximum output.

Remote Work Trends, Expectations and Concerns

This research takes a look at the implications of remote work and breaks down the “Three E’s of a Hybrid Workforce,” a model that ensures the workforce can flow through various worksites, ranging from remote solo locations to remote microsites of small populations to traditional concentrated facilities.

How Organizations Are Supporting a Hybrid Workforce Now

Based on insights from the Gartner Return to the Workplace Benchmarking Poll, this report answers top questions related to managing a hybrid workforce, from “What new equipment or services are companies providing for employees?” to “How should HR track the productivity of remote workers, if at all?”

Employee Experience for a Hybrid Workforce

HR leaders are asking: Where and how do we invest in the employee life cycle for greatest returns on a hybrid workforce? In this complimentary webinar, you learn how HR can prioritize where and how to make updates to the employee experience for a hybrid workforce.

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