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How Virtual and Augmented Reality Can Boost Your Productivity at Work

While many people still think of VR and AR in terms of their use for games and fun activities, more discoveries are being made on the usage of this and related technologies across a wide range of industries and sectors. Check out our case study to see an example of organizations using AR and VR to cut costs, and to improve collaboration between teams.

Customer Profile

Our Client is a large New York based company has many thousands of employees and serving millions of customers in New York state, therefore, it is critically important to train new employees quickly and effectively as well as conducting large number of inspections using less time and resources.

  • Develop all training and inspection specific objects in holographic 3D.

  • Develop a training and inspection story-boards and workflows.

  • Produce an embodied cognition (EC) based curriculum, suitable for virtual and augmented reality space.

  • Provide virtual reality-based instructions and help menus that can be recalled while in virtual space.

  • Create learning experiences that are more effective than traditional learning methodologies as well as provide a faster but deeper acquisition of subject- area expertise.

  • Build inspection tools that can be used by novices as well as experts but providing a more effective way of running through inspection lists and identifying potential problem areas while documenting both.

HyperTeam's Solution

To help this very large organization to overcome its significant challenges rising from the demand of training thousands of people and inspecting hundreds of equipment, HyperTeam created one Virtual Reality and one Augmented Reality applications serving training and inspection needs, however, both applications reside in the same Windows Mixed Reality environment.)

1. Fully Understanding the Client’s Needs

Before implementation the client’s needs were assessed throughseveral consultations that clarified their requirements, recognized their need for customization, and allowed our consultants to prepare system-oriented story-boards and flow charts for development.

2. Continuously Obtaining Client Feedback using Agile Methodologies while Developing Solution

Prior to implementation of a production system, development versions of the applications were tested and tried-out in real-life settings by both HyperTeam consultants, programmers and the client. Through these careful and thorough tests and try-outs, we were able to ensure that the applications were not only well-designed and experientially pleasing, but that it also met the client’s needs completely.

3. Providing Unparalleled Support and Training

At HyperTeam, we understand that implementing a solution requires more than just technical expertise, it also requires sound training and on-going support. That is why we offered the client an all-inclusive training and responsive support before, during, and after implementation.

Value of HyperTeam's Solution

Greater Flexibility and Effectiveness

These VR and AR applications now allows the client to experiment with more flexible and effective training and inspection systems to become a better and more competitive organization.

Centralized & Easily Accessible Data

With these applications, the client can train any employee anywhere with tracking and documenting training effectiveness as well as run inspections and immediately produce performance reports and automatically assigned trouble tickets for repairs.

An Organized, Efficient & Transparent Process

Each step of trainings and inspections is recorded, tracked, and managed from these applications. Automated workflows can be built with custom checklists that alert departments to tasks and ensure efficiency and accuracy.

If you would like to learn more about the project, download the case study below.

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