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Palinka tasting with Hololens

Mixed Reality Palinka Tasting with the Hololens - presented by Hyperteam

This will be a special HyperTeam event discussing the latest Mixed Reality Solutions in the workplace combined with expected consciousness modifying effects! (not sure what this means? let's reword)

Microsoft Hololens is the world's first holographic computer which enables the user to engage with all their digital content as well as interact with holograms in the world around them. Feel free to join us at our next event and enjoy the unique experience!

Learn more about Hololens:

What: Hololens demonstration

When: 6:00pm - 9.00pm, November20th, 2017

Where: HyperTeam Office, 3510 Kraft Road, Suite 200, Naples FL, 34105 (map:


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