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The Way Forward with Digital Transformation Accelerated by a Pandemic - Microsoft

Organizations across every industry have long realized that the pace of change is quickening and have adapted through digital transformation, but the pandemic has acted as a digital accelerant like none seen before. In short order, business leaders have had to respond to this crisis by ensuring employee safety and business continuity, moving toward recovery, and reimagining each facet of their organization to create a path forward.

While the organizations surveyed in this report are not all at the same stage of digital maturity, they do demonstrate broad commonalities in their digital transformation. At Microsoft, we have identified four common elements at the heart of every digital transformation:

  • A vision and strategy that ladder up to an organization’s purpose,

  • A culture that keeps teams connected and an organizational mindset rooted in openness,

  • A unique potential to leverage and amplify the value it creates, and

  • A wide range of capabilities, including the right people with the right skills supported with the right technology.

Are you interested? Click here to download the riport:

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