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The SharePoint Server 2019 is Here.

What is SharePoint?

Organizations use SharePoint to create websites. You can use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

What are the benefits of a SharePoint system?

SharePoint enables increased productivity and visibility for information workers across all verticals, in businesses large and small. The features of SharePoint are centered around an intranet-based cross collaboration experience that enables secure sharing, content management and workflow collaboration features among many others. For a website-based collaboration platform SharePoint is easy to maintain and, at its fundamental level, easy for business users to understand. It is also infinitely customizable and massively scalable, there are many different ways that businesses utilize the platform to realize increased productivity and return on investment.

What is new in Server 2019?

Most of the improvements you can find is around the new user experience. The improvements to the SharePoint Server 2019 user experiences are those that are easy to use, and ensure reliability, performance, and security under real-world pressures of scale and complexity.

  • SharePoint home page

Server 2019 Home Page

The SharePoint home page is a modern experience where you can easily find and access SharePoint sites within your organization. You'll also find news from the sites you're following and from suggested sites. Additionally, you can create sites from this page (if your administrator has enabled the ability to do so).

  • Lists and libraries

Server 2016 (left picture) vs 2019 (right picture)

The default lists and library experience is optimized for your most common tasks. Copy and move files using the command bar. Pin documents, add files as links, filter and sort easily, and apply formatting to columns.

  • Team sites

Server 2016 (left picture) vs 2019 (right picture)

Modern team sites are more collaborative than ever. They come pre-populated with modern news, quick links, and site activity. As with all modern features, team sites are optimized to look great on mobile devices.

  • Pages and web parts

Server 2016 (left picture) vs 2019 (right picture)

Modern pages provide a fast, easy way to build responsive pages using the functionality of modern web parts. Pages are similar to classic web part pages and publishing pages, but are less structured and easier to create. To learn more about modern pages, see Add a page to a site. If you are not able to create a modern page, your administrator may have turned off the ability to do so.

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Article Sources: Microsoft

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